Simon Thacker's Ritmata

Simon Thacker's Ritmata performs new music by the visionary guitar virtuoso fusing some of the most powerful sounds from across continents and epochs with soul stirring improvisation and a highly distinctive and emotive compositional style. Simon leads a stellar lineup of some of Europe's most gifted musicians, consisting of Paul Harrison (piano/keyboard), Mario Caribe (bass) and Stu Brown (drums/percussion).  

Renowned as an intercultural pioneer, Simon forges and explores new genres by combining his knowledge and love of music from every corner of the globe: the raw power and spirituality of Native American music; Cantigas de Santa Maria, 13th century Spanish miracle songs reimagined; the maqamat of the Middle East; pulsating rhythms from East Africa; the unbridled emotions of flamenco; impassioned romances of the Judeo-Spanish Sephardim; the limitless expression of Indian ragas; the distinctive melodies and time cycles of Afghanistan, merging each with his own musical language, which draws on contemporary sounds and the incredible musical experiences of all four performers. 

Stunning original patterns are woven seamlessly into a completely new aural fabric, and the outcome is highly informed music for a brave new world of global sounds. Audiences can expect the delicious shock of the new alongside a further dismantling of musical boundaries and total immersion in creative expression.